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Rosenbauer Panther 6x6
The Panther was designed for aircraft rescue and firefighting operations.

Chassis and Cab

Chassis- Rosenbauer Motors 6x6
Engine- Six (6) cylinder 14.1 L Detroit Diesel series 60.14L inline four (4) cycle water cooled diesel engine with turbocharger and air charge cooling. 665HP at 2300rpm.
Gearbox -Twin disc type TD 61- 1180 six (6) speed fully automatic transmission.
Cab -1+3 Driver plus three passengers.
Water Tank- 11,355 litres constructed from polypropylene.
Foam-1,500 litres constructed from polypropylene

Fire Fighting

Firepump - Rosenbauer R 6000.
Two (2) stage normal pressure centrifugal pump, Housing and impellors constructed from corrosion resistant,  Anodized  light alloy, Gun metal captioned, Stainless steel shaft, Pump shaft with axial face sealing, double roller bearing on pressure side of the pump and single roller bearing on suction side.
Rated 6000L/ min at 10bar and 3m.
Rated Speed  2300 RPM
Power Requirement from 160 KW
Drive PTO dual piston reciprocating primer.


Rosenbauer RM60E.
  Electrically controlled turret for flow rates of up to 6000L/min at 10bar.
  This unit carries ranges of 95m with full jet at 6000L/min.


RVMA 500
Vertical Horizontal Primer.
Light alloy and Bronze.
Mixing Rate 500L/min
Ranging from 2-8%
Accuracy I 10%


Electrically controlled turret for flow rates from 800L/min at 10bar up to 1200L/min.


Fire combat 13142 system
500 PKP component system with 12 V actuation.
Emergency Numbers:
   Fire 990 Police 999 ODPM 511 Ambulance 811


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