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Station Routine



All appliances and equipment must be maintained in a high state of preparedness at all times.
The firefighter must know where every piece of equipment is stored on the appliance and they must be inspected, tested and cleaned regularly.
Locker Drills, periodically in the dark, must be done regularly to build up confidence in the equipment and to ensure a thorough knowledge of their location on the appliance. (Locker drills entails sending firefighters for particular pieces of equipment to ensure that they know what it is and where to find it on the appliance).
Routine fire drills which allow firefighters to build confidence in the use of their equipment and the appliances must be done regularly according to Fire Service Instruction No. 1 of 1993.
Lecture / Demonstrations, tabletop simulation exercises and field tactical simulation exercises must be done regularly and in accordance with Fire Service Instruction No. 1 of 1993.
Firefighting Turn-out suits must be kept clean and tidy at all times and when not on the appliance, must be suitably arranged where it can be reached without confusion.
The fuel tanks of all appliances and other equipment that require fuel, must be topped up to the nearest litre at all times.
Roll Call must be taken at 2130 hours and the names of all personnel present in station entered in the Station Diary.
Note: All personnel/ persons entering a Fire Station must report their presence and nature of business to the Watch room Sentry. (Fire Service Regs.)
Bell Test: The station emergency response bells/alarm is tested at 0630 hours, 1200 hours and 2000 hours. (4 short soundings for a test; 3 for a bush fire; 2 short for an ambulance request; 1 long sounding for any other emergency).

Emergency Numbers:
   Fire 990 Police 999 ODPM 511 Ambulance 811


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