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Station Ground Knowledge New Page 2
The first requisite for successful firefighting is having a comprehensive knowledge of the Station’s Ground.
The in charge of station and all personnel attached to the station must know the important details – hydrants, static water supplies, topography, access roads and alternate access; risks- places of public entertainment and all the various types of occupancies including sleeping risks.
They should also know those buildings that have internal fire protection and those that have special risks that may be a hazard during firefighting. E.g.: special manufacturing processes, electrical sub stations and gas storage or gas lines.
Owners/occupiers of premises, Safety Officers their contact telephone numbers and the holders of keys to the premises.
Places that are designated as shelters during a natural disaster and statutory agencies that can give assistance when needed.
Emergency Numbers:
   Fire 990 Police 999 ODPM 511 Ambulance 811


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