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The skill of the professional Firefighter comes from years of experience; the more fires attended, the more the art of firemanship is learned. The saying that “no two fires are alike” holds true for this profession.
However, the firefighters’ basic skills for the performance of their duties are derived from the United Kingdom Home Office (Fire Department) publications:

The Fire Service Drill Book
Manual of Firemanship – Book 1 to 18.

Note: Information from updated or newer Editions are filtered in during the continuous training sessions that form part of the firefighter’s daily routine when on duty.

Qualities & Physical Attributes

The qualities of a firefighter and the physical are outlined in the Fire Service Act – Chapter 35:50 as amended, Manual of Firemanship Books 11 and 12, and the Fire Service (Terms and Conditions of Employment) Regulations, 1998.


Emergency Numbers:
   Fire 990 Police 999 ODPM 511 Ambulance 811


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