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Fire Prevention Tips For Workplace
OSHA requires that if the employer provides fire extinguishers for employees to use, the employees must be trained to properly use them.
Fire prevention in your workplace consists of four steps:
Implement a program that includes preparation, prevention, and recognition of fire hazards.
Make sure you practice proper handling of combustible and flammable material.
Maintain safe housekeeping practices that reduce the risk of fire danger.
Always keep adequate and appropriate fire suppression equipment in your work area to extinguish fire in its incipient stages.
The following are general safety measures in establishing and maintaining fire protection in the workplace:

Safety Measures

  Never pile or lay material in a way that it covers or blocks access to firefighting equipment.
  Never let unnecessary combustible materials get accumulated in any part of your work area.
  Regularly dispose of combustible debris and scrap from your work area.
  Use only approved containers and tanks for storage, handling, and transport of combustible and flammable liquid.
  Always perform evaluation procedures before performing operations that present fire hazards like welding.

All Employees
Should Know

  Where the fire alarm boxes are in your area.  They should be well marked and easy to access.
Where the exit routes are in your area.  The exits and directional signs will help guide you out of the building to safety.
  Where the extinguishers are located.  The extinguishers must be mounted in a designated location, well-marked and easy to access.
  The procedures to follow in the event of a fire.  What steps to follow, where to go and how to use a fire extinguisher if needed.

Important Point to Remember   

Familiarize yourself with your surrounding and know your companies Evacuation Plan and participate in their Evacuation Drills.
In fire emergencies do not stop to remove your personal items.
Do not open doors if they are hot to the touch.
Do not run.
Do not use the Elevators.
Once outside do not reenter the building.
Emergency Numbers:
   Fire 990 Police 999 ODPM 511 Ambulance 811


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